STERLING® S495 Small Head High-Speed Fiber-Optic

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Maximum Access and Visibility
  • Superior Power – 20 Watts
  • 2 Second Quick Stop Brake System
  • Unique Double-Impeller Technology
  • High-Torque 36 Blade Rotor Design
  • Zero Suck Back
  • Versatile 6-pin Connection Options
  • 2 Year Warranty!

Double-Impeller Technology

Greater cutting precision and improved stability.

  1. Three air nozzles
  2. Primary impeller
  3. Fixed fins to direct the exhaust air
  4. Secondary impeller

Quick Stop Brake System

STERLING® offers rapid braking within 2 seconds. During rotation, the uniquely designed rubber brake ring in STERLINGTM is pulled away from the turbine axis. During braking, the rubber brake ring rubs against the turbine axis, stopping it significantly faster.